Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another sticky situation

I have a sticky one that I haven't managed to solve on the Linux box - every time I log on my IM app it loads an old MSN contact list that still has deleted people on it. If I re-delete them and log it off and back on they are gone, but next reboot they are back. Must be a quirk in that IM version. Half a brain would tell me to stop it running at boot time but I'm usually trashy on PAMS (and now the new shit) etc when I log on upstairs and forget all about it until I'm safely downstairs again and on the "doze box. Like now.

Speaking of sticky, what's brown and sticky? A Sticky is!

Yes, we have a new Sticky!

I like Stickies. I hope he stays around for a while, he can keep me company pottering in the arbor while I'm not well enough to do anything useful.

And speaking of arbors... the grape vine isn't even 10% leafed up yet and already it's got baby bunches all over it. It's only 3 weeks out of bud.

Between the garden, the arbor, the new planned arbor extension, the BBQ and a harvest like is shaping up, it could be a grape summer. If I stay out of the sun - we aren't friends at the moment.

What a difference 12 months brings - in every way. This time last year I was pumping on all cylinders with everything to get out of bed for and now the biggest thing that mattered is gone and I'm just going through the motions.

Today I slept from 1-5.15 pm - longer than I slept all of last night. In the end I couldn't settle until after 4am and was awake again at 6.45, but exhaustion overcame steroids this afternoon and tonight's dose has me wide awake and the stereo cranked up a bit while I decide whether I really want to de-clutter the dining room at 12.30am or work on a web site with fuzzy eyesight, or just fuck about until boredom sets in and sends me to bed...


Flattie said...

Going through the motions is not good. Generally means you are in the shit...

Morticia said...

It's only the depth that varies.