Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dance of the seven wails

For many years, the quote "Give me a child of seven and I'll give you the man" has been attributed to the Jesuits. A quick bit of Googling suggests that this is potentially the opposite of what was originally proposed and that

"The primary source for the origin of the idea of the quotation…is the Ratio Studiorum, a sixteenth century document composed by Jesuits describing the characteristics and structure of Jesuit education."

Seven seems to ace with the Archangels; big with Buddha; churr to the Cherokee; mainstream in Mythology; serious in Sport and in Christianity is everything from the Seven Joys of the Virgin to the Seven Deadly Sins and just like sex six is a natural number. Seven is the primo example of Ancient Wonder and also a part of the title of an awesome song covered by the Eagles.

It's also the age when our babies stop being little kids and start being big kids with a life of their own, thinking and acting independent of their parents. I think I can apply that concept to MonSters, too.

This coming year is looking a little scary - it remains to be seen whether it's scary-good or scary-bad...

Happy birthday, MonSter, let's forgo the pills and jiggle the night away.


cwnda said...

I note that your sense of humour has not died nor has it diminished. Is a happy birthday wish appropriate? -Ô¿Ô- 

Morticia said...

If I get to choose the present! lol