Thursday, October 23, 2008

Politically speaking

I don't do politics, as you probably know.

Did you get it? Heather got it straight away but I didn't.

While you are pondering that, see whether you are as valuable as you think.

$5190.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

Better get ya chequebook out, I don't come cheap!

See how many died the day YOU were born

125,534 People

FYI 121,671 another people died the same day as the Music did.

See whether your geek factor is slipping like mine is

59% Geek

and see whether you can think of more colours than me - it shouldn't be too hard...


and for posterity, these are the ones I could think of:

Aqua, Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Cerise, Chartreuse, Coral, Cream, Gold, Green, Grey, Khaki, Lavender, Lemon, Maroon, Ochre, Orange, Peach, Pink, Puce, Purple, Red, Salmon, Sapphire, Silver, Tan, Tangerine, Violet, White, Yellow

and these are the ones I missed...

Alice blue, Alizarin, Amaranth, Amber, Amethyst, Apricot, Aquamarine, Asparagus, Auburn, Azure, Baby blue, Beige, Bistre, Blue green, Blue violet, Bondi blue, Brass, Bright green, Bright turquoise, Brilliant rose, Buff, Burgundy, Burnt orange, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Camouflage green, Caput Mortuum, Cardinal, Carmine, Carnation pink, Carrot orange, Celadon, Cerulean, Cerulean blue, Chartreuse yellow, Chestnut, Chocolate, Cinnabar, Cinnamon, Cobalt, Copper, Copper rose, Coral red, Corn, Cornflower blue, Cosmic latte, Crimson, Cyan, Dark blue, Dark brown, Dark cerulean, Dark chestnut, Dark coral, Dark goldenrod, Dark green, Dark khaki, Dark pastel green, Dark pink, Dark salmon, Dark slate gray, Dark spring green, Dark tan, Dark tangerine, Dark turquoise, Dark violet, Deep cerise, Deep fuchsia, Deep lilac, Deep magenta, Deep peach, Denim, Dodger blue, Ecru, Electric blue, Electric green, Electric indigo, Electric lime, Electric purple, Emerald, Eggplant, Falu red, Fern green, Flax, Forest green, French Rose, Fuchsia, Fuchsia Pink, Gamboge, Golden brown, Golden yellow, Goldenrod, Grey asparagus, Green yellow, Han Purple, Harlequin, Heliotrope, Hollywood Cerise, Hot Magenta, Hot Pink, Indigo, Klein Blue, Islamic green, Ivory, Jade, Kelly green, Lemon chiffon, Light blue, Lilac, Lime, Linen, Magenta, Malachite, Maya blue, Mauve, Mauve Taupe, Medium blue, Medium carmine, Medium purple, Midnight Blue, Mint Green, Misty rose, Moss green, Mountbatten pink, Mustard, Navajo white, Navy Blue, Old Gold, Old Lace, Old Lavender, Old Rose, Olive, Olive Drab, Olivine, Orange Peel, Orange Red, Orchid, Pale blue, Pale brown, Pale carmine, Pale chestnut, Pale cornflower blue, Pale magenta, Pale pink, Pale red violet, Papaya whip, Pastel green, Pastel pink, Peach orange, Peach yellow, Pear, Periwinkle, Persian blue, Persian green, Persian indigo, Persian red, Persian pink, Persian rose, Persimmon, Pine Green, Pink orange, Powder blue, Prussian blue, Psychedelic purple, Pumpkin, Raw umber, Red violet, Robin egg blue, Rose, Rose Taupe, Royal blue, Royal purple, Russet, Rust, Safety Orange, Saffron, Sandy brown, Sangria, Scarlet, School bus yellow, Sea Green, Seashell, Selective yellow, Sepia, Shamrock green, Shocking Pink, Sky Blue, Slate grey, Smalt, Spring bud, Spring green, Steel blue, Tangerine yellow, Taupe, Tea Green, Tea rose, Teal, Tenne, Terra cotta, Thistle, Turquoise, Tyrian purple, Ultramarine, Vermilion, Viridian, Wheat, Wisteria, Zinnwaldite

Caput Mortuum? Mummy never taught me that one!


Flattie said...

You really do need to get out more. This from a 40% geek

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