Tuesday, February 17, 2009


**pulls out a fresh tissue**

There is one thing babies do better than pee, poop and spew and that's cry. They cry at home; they cry in the car; the cry at the doctors and they cry at the supermarket.

I went to the supermarket today (as ya do) and there were a few crying babies out and about shopping with their mums. One mum had a toddler and a baby on board and was struggling a bit to cope with it - her comment to her toddler when I passed her was "Mummy is having trouble concentrating"

I'm not surprised - a relatively new bubby and a toddler in a busy supermarket would be enough to fry the brain of the most capable woman, but the comments of two women (of my own vintage) in front of me at the checkout really put my back up.

Woman #1 "Listen to that baby, it sounds hungry. Why bring a hungry baby to a supermarket."
Woman #2 "Oh it sounds tired to me, it should be home in bed".
Woman #1 "What a noise it's making."
Woman #2 "You really have to wonder."

By now, I was getting a wee bit pissy, but I managed to be almost pleasant when I leaned forward and said "Even though my 'baby' is 15, I still remember the feeling of dread at the sound of them starting off when I was half way through shopping".

Woman #2 said "Mine never did that".
I said "well weren't you fortunate, it's not like you can pack up and go home when bubby starts crying, but you can choose not to shop at the time of day when mums are out with their babies buying food".

I wanted to smack the sanctimonious bitches right in the kisser, I did. I consoled myself wqith muttering "stupid cows" instead.

Such restraint *sigh*


Unknown said...

Wahahaha! Is it naughty of me to take a perverse pleasure in seeing some of the old hags get wound up when my baby starts crying at the supermarket? Babies cry, get over it people. Good on you Morty... now then if it was 10 at night and some dumbarse was out buying ciggies...

Morticia said...

baaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa no it would mean you were sick, or dead, if you didn't get ya jollies ;-)