Thursday, February 12, 2009

On the button

**pulls out a fresh tissue**

After a summer of being taxi to the big kids and because she starts her full time Polytech course on Monday, H shouted me to the movies. I haven't been inside a movie theatre in years. And then we went shopping together. It's nice to be invited out by one's 18 year old daughter so that we can have some one-on-one time :-)

Anyway, we went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, based on a short story of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's about a baby who is born in an old man's body and grows younger each passing year, until he is an old man with total dementia in a baby's body at the end of the movie. The make-up was very convincing.

Coming on top of the Mr Y Mindfuck, I found it very good. The fact that Brad Pitt flexed his bare chest on multiple occasions has nothing to do with it!

If you are into a calm, meandering movie set in New Orleans with a wide range of characters (The Hallelujah Healer was a hoot! not to mention the man who was struck by lightning 7 times. We found ourselves watching out for each one to be revealed.) with a tearjerker beginning and a satisfying ending, this is a good one to catch.

I found the major drawback to be Cate Blanchett in the female lead role. I just can't get to like her as an actress.

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Unknown said...

I totally agree, about Cate and about Brad Pitts chest. *drool* Dont suppose there was an arse shot too?