Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out of my tree again

**pulls out a box of fresh tissues**

We used to have a loquat tree. Mum planted it there, on the North boundary 20 odd years ago.

Now, we don't.

It had fire blight and a split creeping right down the very centre of the trunk from its mushy, bug infested crotch. Now we don't because Flattie very kindly chopped it down for me last weekend, leaving the trunk still intact. That way, it can live on as a garden sculpture, hosting a climber of some sort while protecting the baby Maple I planted beside its roots the same day.

Kill one, plant one - but make sure it's one that won't need bloody spraying every three weeks when it invades everything.

I had a wee meltdown last night, been coming on for a wee while and I've been sinking for days and then snap! the body said "no more and down you go for a sleep and some rest". So I did.

After I cooked everyone dinner.

I had a whole bunch of shit I was going to ladle out for you tonight and now I've forgotten it all.

I do some of my best better thinking in those quiet, inner resting times when I'm physically/mentally/emotionally putting my ducks in a line and preparing for the next onslaught by that tricky wee MonSter.

Keep your eyes open for a new feature coming to the blog soon. It'll just rivet ya.

With real rivets.


Flattie said...

Kinda know what ya mean. I have my epiphanies late at night when I'm blasting along in a truck with Led Zeppelin playing loud. Will be glad when this week is finished & I can spend evenings with Herself though...

cwnda said...

Hmmmm - a top-less tree. Is this a harbinger of things to come? *covers eyes with hands but peeps through gap between fingers* -Ô¿Ô- 

Morticia said...

Hey, at least Flattie left the "mushy, bug-infested crotch" bit alone. More points to you for missing it, cwnda!