Friday, April 24, 2009


**pulls out a fresh tissue**

Our old girl had her birthday the other day - Nushie is 9, definitely a graceful old lady.

Looking at her, I got to thinking how right that old saying might be, the one so many people have trotted out and giggled at in the years we have been the owners of a mighty Shar Pei.

"Dogs look like their owners".

Oh I just laugh and laugh every time someone (usually the same friend) trots that one out but maybe they have seen a truth I missed until tonight - we do have some resemblances...

  • She is short. So am I.
  • She a natural brunette. So am I (underneath whatever dye I'm wearing, anyway).
  • She is stiff and sore after lying or sitting down, so am I.
  • She's as ugly as sin to those who value outward appearance over worth, and so am I.
  • She is old and wrinkled, need of a face lift and mostly taken for granted. So am I.
  • She is resigned to spending her days in useless sleepy boredom and so am I (almost).
  • We both like riding in the car, we both have trouble getting to the loo in time, we both have a facial hair problem and we've both been spayed. 

  • Best of all, we both get told to move our fat arse.

And what more could a fat, old bitch want on her birthday than scones, cake, pikelets with jam and 3 rides in the car.

Speaking of middle age, I thought sex in the Middle Ages was Nookie in the Norty Forties, but it looks like I was wrong...

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Flattie said...

Strangely enough, Misty is about the same age. Probably why they get on so well. I'm not going to make any comparisons, because to quote the street beggar in the Pink Panther movie, "That is not my dog." No comments about being dozy, overweight & bare arsed will be tolerated.