Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 3

**pulls out a fresh tissue**

As Day 3 rolls into Day 4 of the steroids, I am finally slowing down. I slept 5 odd hours last night instead of only 2 or 3; I got tired doing stuff outside and lost all motivation to push myself because of some Go-To-Hell indigestion like a huge meal just consumed which doesn't quite fit the available space. Even when you haven't eaten. Or like a baby kicking your stomach into your lungs @ nine months pregnant when you've just eaten a tiny plate of Christmas Dinner.

Now I want chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Stupid me, I put a sign on the front door saying "Trick or Treaters will be hung in the trees to feed the Bats" to keep the lil fuckers away should they wander down this far tonight and all that time I should have been inviting them in and mugging them for their chocolate.

Happy Halloween, my good left tit.

Speaking of Halloween, they had this utterly HUGE spider at the Red Shed the other day and dayam, but I wanted it. I could have draped it over the front porch in the dark and put a Party Here sign out on the road frontage and really enjoyed tormenting entertaining the dear wee ones by inserting solar lights with red film over them into the eye sockets.

That's not too twisted, is it? Really? I suppose I could let them keep half their chocolate - the half of each one I don't eat....


cwnda said...

'I suppose I could let them keep half their chocolate' .... Tut, tut - you really are losing your grip. Time was, you would have grabbed the lot.... -Ô¿Ô- 

Morticia said...

Must be mellowing in my old age, or losing my marbles. AND not only have I still not had chocolate, but the Bats went hungry as well!