Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nearly done

**pulls out a fresh tissue**

One more dose, just 5 more bitter tasting tablets and the steroids will be done. I am kind of looking forward to it, especially the possibility of a decent run of sleep cos last night's allocation from 1.30 to 4.45 was not long enough by half. The past few days, I have been suffering with some racing pulse and breathlessness but hadn't read the right fact sheet online, nor been warned that it was something that should be reported to a doc, so I didn't bother. After overdoing things today (taxi service to the Mount; 2 x driving lessons for 17 year olds; cleaning up around the garden; planting a camellia; pulling weeds and dumping stuff; cleaning up after dinner, a snooze was a nice change and I'm looking forward to repeating it in a few minutes. I might even go so far as to take it easy tomorrow, too.

But despite being wired and fried, breathless and pulsating and wide awake when everyone else is asleep (except Sequel, cos she works nights) it appears at this point that it has taken 7 years to find an potential tool in the MS arsenal that isn't worse than the disease it's treating - at least in the short term.

And a very timely tool it was, too, but Medrol at 1000mg/day is not something to want to have to need on a frequent basis so I think I might aim for a quiet summer enjoying the garden instead of building it.

That would make a nice change, hmmm?


Flattie said...

Hastily erects large umbrella to protect against excremental byproducts from levitating porcines. On the bright side, I guess they be quieter than Harvards & the like, and have a smaller environmental footprint....

Morticia said...

But nowhere near as exciting!