Monday, November 3, 2008

Hate dat

**pulls out 3 fresh tissues**

I got a real hate on for the world today. Damn straight I do.

I finished the medrol yesterday morning. I had the breathing problems and palpitations but they weren't too bad. I got a bit of sleep last night and I woke up this morning feeling as if I was drowning. So I got up.

As you do.

But I couldn't open my eyes properly and I was a bit confused and unsteady and unable to get a deep breath so opted for a day of doing sweet fuck all. Which is exactly what I did - I slept most of it. My head and neck, face, throat, shoulders and back feel bruised like I have taken a beating; I'm glum and sad, uncoordinated and twitchy and nearly cut my finger off cooking dinner but worst of all, the spasms are back in my legs and the pins and needles are in my arms and hands. Already. Some days there is no point in wondering "Why"; getting from one end to the other takes more strength than I have.

I won't write off the Medrol yet, though, not until I've had time to get down off it and settle into routine again. Maybe things will calm down a bit. You just never know ya luck...

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