Friday, November 14, 2008


**pulls out a fresh tissue**

What a beautiful late spring day today was. The breeze blew breezily, the sun shone sunnily, the grass was green and the sky was blue and the fluffy clouds were white. The garden was perfect, the coffee wasn't too nasty, the stereo pumped out the sound (in stereo), the dog snored, the big teens sat on the lawn and chatted, the little teen played with the drill press he dug out of the gear out the back, Sequel reclined on the swing seat and read a book with her MP3 player going and I sat in Little Arbor, took pics wiv my new cellphone and absorbed a little more Power of Now as previously mentioned (interesting bit about Zen, still no motorbike).

No hassles, no tasks to perform, no stress, no fuss. No wuckin furries.

Absolute bliss.

I don't know whose fucking house I was at but it sure as Hell didn't seem like mine!

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Flattie said...

Some days are diaamonds