Monday, November 24, 2008

Bread and Pams

**shreds a fresh tissue**

I was out in the arbor at 4 this morning (after previously being up at 3), watching the light pollution bounce off the heavily overcast sky and light everything up with a dark orange glow, almost like an aurora.

And we don't even live near the South Pole... or Invercargill... and I was looking due North...

Thomas sat on my lap and we chatted about this and that, the lack of food awaiting him in the kitchen, the wet grass between the arbor and the kitchen and the potential need for feline transportation until exhaustion hit and I thought I could go back to bed and sleep through the nest of snakes writhing inside my left leg. Eventually.

I slept a lot of the day and tonight, I am having the PAMs thanks. I guess that's the first real sign that the steroids didn't quite do as much as intended.

I do have this to show for them, though,

the beginning of my outdoors indoors (or is that indoors outdoors), the living room that stays tidy even when the kids have trashed the one inside. Yes, even if a blanket, a coffee and wheatie are needed to keep out the cold.

And some screens. And lights. And weatherproof side covers. And stuff.

Cool, eh.

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Flattie said...

All ya need now is a small servile individual to bring appropriate libations