Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In synch

**groans loudly and pulls out a fresh tissue**

It's one of those days, one where something common and everyday takes me out back and beats the snot out of me with little warning, when a simple cold jumps in and takes advantage of a body recently immuno-suppressed (again) and yells "take that, bitch" loudly in my ear. Now it's in my lungs and ears, my back hurts when I breathe and I've rummaged the cupboard and found the last back-up antibiotic script and started on them and some painkillers. Thank God for a doc prepared to dispense ahead of time. Tomorrow will be a better day.

I'm off to bed and wallow in the warmth of wheatsacks and pills. Bliss...


Flattie said...

A bit more rocking is good. & yes , Thames is lovely any time of year. Its a totally Hansen free zone too

Morticia said...

Gawd, it doesn't half sound attractive when you put it like that lol