Sunday, November 30, 2008


**pulls out a fresh tissue**

Ads and I were sitting in the garden this afternoon, making the most of the lovely weather and discussing what we might do on Christmas Day and we thought we might have a bbq in the evening for a change now that the place is all ship shape and the bbq cleaned up and ready for action.

So we started naming people we might like to invite to this exclusive little grill-fest and after a while, Ads says "Invite anyone you want".

And then we sat some more and enjoyed the afternoon together. It was nice. Next weekend, the Big Teens are having a party/bbq to celebrate their 18th birthdays. Hands up who wants to bounce for a group of rowdy teens from a Church Youth group?

Looks like I'm it then, eh. I suppose I won't even be allowed to say "fuck" out loud.


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