Tuesday, December 2, 2008


**rummages under pressies and pulls out a fresh tissue**

I'm being spoilt. I have pressies. From lots of people. Birthdays are cool (and so is 45)!

*Eyes up bottle of bubbly* Just because it's only 9.12 am here, it's still night time somewhere else, eh!


Birthdays are bad. Really really bad. Just shocking.

People give you wine and chocolate.

Ads cooked a yummy dinner and I opened the bottle of wine Glorius gave me and had one, then took the bottle down there and had a couple more, staggered came home and fell asleep like some wino. Jesus, knocked on my ass before dark. Now I'm awake I might just have a bit of that choc Shazz gave me ;-)

Here's something to go with choc

The incomparable Victoria Wood.


cwnda said...

45 - ah! memories. Is it only a year since the last one? Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? Enjoy!!! -Ô¿Ô- 

Flattie said...

Mammaries , yuss, I luvs em dearly... Happy Birfday Darling, from both of us. We loves ya dearly..

Morticia said...

We love to be loved! *smooch* And yes, cwnda, tis only a year... lol