Sunday, January 4, 2009


**pulls out a fresh tissue**

You've heard all those "What do you call an irishman in a/under/with..." jokes, eh.

We had a wee session of them at New Years



Simple humour.

We watched a re-run of the final episode of M*A*S*H tonight, and I thought about how many times I'd watched M*A*S*H over the years and what kept it funny all that time and I decided it was simple humour. I'm finding I want most things simplified at the moment - a shorter/faster everything because I get so tired so easily. In a vain attempt to alleviate the stiffness and fatigue, I thought a bit of gardening might do the trick, so I've started digging a new one, cos I've hardly done anything other than pull a few weeds, harvest a few bits, do a bit of trimming and pruning and a lot of tying up/down.

Hardly endorphin-inducing.

I'm struggling a little with the concept of injustice, unfairness at what life hands you when you're making other plans, and why I can't have the other plans instead. Life's not fair, it's more a dark mahogany colour.

And I'm tired of activity, heat and sunshine. Phones and visitors (don't get me started, all I need now after today's fiasco is a visit from J&J over the hill and their tribe of unsupervised and ill-equipped kids carrying unhealthily weird names) playing taxi and just generally taking care of business. I was a rolling example of the advert on TV, coming home the other day, the one where the father nods off and kills them all. That can't be good. Time to downsize my expectations of my own abilities for a bit and not get hot.

Ads was saying tonight that one day he'd take me on holiday. I said the perfect holiday for me at the moment was utter solitude, peace and quiet. It sounds like pure heaven.

I can't find anything Heavenly about life in general at the moment.

PS - there's a very simple pleasure to be found in gently stroking big, fat monarch butterfly caterpillars. Try it.

PPS - tomorrow I'm going to start making sweet plum sauce.

PPPS - if you put blueberry jam into leftover whipped cream, you get blueberry cream. It's yum. You should try that, too.


Flattie said...

But have you tried combining Monarch Butterfly caterpillars & blueberry cream. A sip from the small bottle helps with that one....

Morticia said...

You sick man.