Sunday, January 18, 2009

Plum crazy

**pulls out a handful of fresh tissues**

This is a little bit amusing.

I giggled over it tonight whilst sitting in the swing seat, listening to the light rain patter on the canvas above and, briefly, the possum falling out of the tree behind me. All I could hear was pattering above and the creak of the swing as it rocked back and forward until the rain eased off and once more the sound of plums missing the net and hitting the ground reminded me that I've variously disposed of 3 buckets of plums, there is 7 odd litres of plum sauce in the freezer, a bucketful of "eaters" in the kitchen and a lot of tree left to catch in the net. I thought I might branch out into plum crumble, plum and apple pie or perhaps plum sauce muffins next.

The Universe has been very kind to me lately and so I bagged up some plums to give away and dropped them off. I know, I shouldn't expect thanks but simple manners are free. Aren't they?

Maybe they aren't. But this next clip puts all things into perspective. It's very good.

Nick Vujicic

I'm off to bed to count plums. Recipes, that is.

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