Wednesday, January 14, 2009


**pulls out a fresh tissue**

I'm feeling a bit hammered tonight and I haven't had a drop to drink. Well, not of anything exciting.

I trotted off to the doc today, as ya do, with my shopping list in one hand and my printed de-brief of the duration and unpleasant aftermath of solumedrol in the other (which made carrying my cellie and keys rather difficult, so I stuffed them in the pockets of my cargoes) and got myself a little barrow load of pills and my Numpty Nana toe checked out. If you are wondering what my Numpty Nana toe is, it's the great toe on my right foot that has gone a bit numb. Ok a lot numb. It goes hand in hand ('scuse the pun) with my left hand's frequent numbness, which is occasionally accompanied by my right hand's random numbness.

You get the picture, eh.

The doc told me I needed to stop sleeping for more than 40 minutes in the day time to compensate for not sleeping in the night time and that doing so, combined with taking heavy duty painkillers (for the sore bits) and anti-histamine tablets dispensed for my hay fevery type symptoms (which were never an issue before the last couple of years, not being an allergic beasty to begin with) even if I'm not hay fevery at the time, would keep me asleep through the night.

I don't think he's ever met the Worms.

As fab as he is, even doctors are not immune to a complete lack of understanding of how something physical that sounds so trivial can drive every aspect of one's daily (or nightly) existence. In this case, out of bed at 2 in the morning. Like now.

So, whilst now having a cupboard full of meds again, all of which have a specific purpose in mind, none of them overcome (let alone alleviate) the Worms which means if I take all of them together, I get to stagger around like a drunk at two in the morning instead of just staggering around like someone with MS who's having a regular really crappy night.

But I'm still semi-conscious.

Oh well, at least my curt summary of Five Days in Solumedrol-Land will be winging its digital way over the hill to the Neuro for future reference sometime soon.

In the meantime, I'll keep on sleeping as needed to handle the fatigue (it has been bloody hot, after all) and if I'm grumpy and shitty when I wake up, it probably won't look any different to the shitty and grumpy version when I'm pretending I can function on 4 hours tossing and turning and twitching which represents sleep each night.

I'm a real fucking charmer like that :0)

The moon is on my bed now and so is Tinks (she's having a bit of Mum and cat bedtime bonding the last couple of nights) so I'm going to go lie in it and count worms. It bleats beats the hell out of counting sheep.

Floyd, Waiting for the Worms - it's loud.

Those bloody hammers always mesmerised me.

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