Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plum crazy again

**runs out of tissues**

I had an epiphany today *snigger*

I decided we should bag up some plums and hock them at the gate. So we did; 18 bags of them in just over an hour. Buckets and buckets of plums later, I'm sick of looking at them.

The last time we did this was for spending money for the kids when they went to Oz in 2005. Looking at the wastage on the ground over the last few weeks, I think we should have started earlier and next year, I expect we will.

In the meantime, the grapes are starting to colour up and before you know it, I'll be sick of them, too. I don't think my belly will survive the onslaught. Or anyone in the house.

Until then, the next time I have a fucking bright idea, I think I'll keep it to myself.

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