Monday, November 10, 2008

Agave Maria

**pulls out a fresh tissue, dabs a bit of blood**

I was pottering around in Little Arbor tying up the grape vine this afternoon, when I had a sudden urge to plant poppies, all colours. Lots and lots of poppies. And agaves; those huge, sharp ones that everyone with a functioning braincell gives a wide berth to.

(nicked from google)

Along the bottom of the bank, yeah? and maybe a couple of strategically placed ones down behind the bamboo. To keep the undesirables out. Then there's finding somewhere for all the rose cuttings that appear to have struck and building the new arbor extension, the mini-tank stand and moving the big clump of Watsonias. There's another white grape baby coming, too, cos I swapped 2 small pieces of sheet stainless for it with Muzz yesterday.

Anyway, all that thinking was rather tiring so I went and sat in the big swing seat we finally got around to hanging at the far end of Big Arbor (another bit of shit cleaned up). The one I have tuned to the perfect height to be able to sit in and rock without quite touching the ground unless I want to. Adam says it's too high off the ground - I said it's lucky not everything's about him, then. And so I sat and I rocked... and rocked... and thought about my numb hand and foot and how much worse the burning is lately.

Damn it's nice out there with the bamboo crashing high above one in the wind.

PS can some one find my motivation, please? I think I've left it somewhere... maybe over by the bamboo?

Phrase of the Day: "Oh no, that can't be good".


Flattie said...

Rocking is good

Morticia said...

Rocking is excellent, especially with real rocks.