Wednesday, November 19, 2008


**pulls out a fresh tissue**

The Bible has a couple of holes in it - the Interweb told me so. You can do what I did and visit Heaving Dead Cats to read them for yourself. I haven't got very far yet, I'm still laughing over the irony of #1 - "Man was created equal, male and female. Gen.1:27.
Woman was created as a companion to the man only after he rejected the animals. Gen.2:18-24."

I can't believe Adam knew what the fuck he was doing gave informed consent when he turned down a guaranteed sheep for the potential to be eaten alive by a lioness.


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Flattie said...

When you consider the early history of the Bible its not surprising. What happened was that two tribes amalgamated & they both had their version of the scripture. They couldn't agree on which one to use, so they compromised & amalgamated the two. If you read the first 3 or 4 books carefully, you will find two versions bit by bit. Its most noticeable in the book of Genesis, when you look carefully at the story of creation.

Herself & I believe strongly in something that a very wise man once told us a long long time ago. "The book is not the truth, but the truth is in the book."