Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday night veg

**puts out another snotty soggy tissue**

I stumbled on this tonight. Look carefully; there's a quiz right after.

Now see if you can answer this correctly

What does/should that building remind you of?

A. a bullet
B. a a penis
C. a vibrator
D. a gherkin
E. a space craft

If you answered A, you would be thinking the same as me.
If you answered B, you have been celibate too long.
If you answered C, you need to add batteries to your shopping list
If you answered D, you have been vegetarian too long
If you answered E, you are too optimistic.

If you answered D, you are also correct.

There is more strange shit here. And here.

I feel so... inspired!

(but I never saw a gherkin like that, they must grow some weird shit in Pomgolia.)


Flattie said...

I think it looks like a penis only smaller...

P.S. Getting out more is good.

Morticia said...

Oh dear...

cwnda said...

Imagine if that thing got excited! Got a clean tissue, anyone? -Ô¿Ô- 

Morticia said...

*hides the tissues*